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Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 2:00 pm
Ann Kammerer

One thing that brings us constant joy at ELi is the remarkable nature photography of East Lansing’s Jim Pivarnik, like this shot of a goose jumping out of the pond at Beal Garden.

As the pace and circumstance of daily life changes, we’re uplifted by the kindness and simplicity that surrounds us. Sunlight through the trees. Songbirds at dusk. A long phone call with an old friend. Streaming music. Checking on neighbors. Taking action and volunteering where needed.

East Lansing Info (ELi) wants to hear what’s keeping you positive during the pandemic. Take a few moments to tell us what you’re doing — and what you see others doing, too. You can tell us in a sentence, through a picture, or in a couple short paragraphs. We’ll consider all submissions and publish a few from time-to-time. We may also contact you for more details as we look to tell the stories that show what we’re made of.

You can see our first little local story of joy here. Send us your story or ideas through our contact page, and try to include:

  1. The basic story: What has lifted your spirit? What are you doing to stay upbeat? Have you volunteered or donated in some way since the outbreak? What do you see others doing that inspires you?
  2. Area or neighborhood where you reside. (Don’t worry if you’re not technically in the city limits of East Lansing.)
  3. Your name. (If you would prefer that we not use your full name, how would you like us to refer to you?)
  4. Email address. (We may contact you with additional questions but we won’t publish your email address.)
  5. Phone number—with area code. (We may contact you with additional questions, but we won’t publish your phone number)

Thank you for helping us bring these little stories when we need them most!

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